Daycare in Salem NH
Providing professional child care in Salem, New Hampshire

Miss Samantha’s Daycare

Good in-home daycare is like a bridge.

The care and attention of a nanny, and also the social interaction of commercial daycare.


Home from home

Miss Samantha’s Daycare provides each child with a nurturing, fun and safe environment – a home away from home where they can learn and grow.  My goal is to promote learning, and work with you to provide the environment that you as a parent are looking for, to provide a high quality environment that is miles ahead of most commercial volume childcare.

Your child will benefit from an outstanding teacher to child ratio and preschool themed activities.

Growth and development

I provide the opportunity to learn in an environment that encourages exploration, questions, reasoning and imagination, to enhance and stimulate their growth and development. The preschool program is structured well with arts & crafts, reading, and learning through play.

A structured day with preschool activities, while having fun and enjoying hands-on activities. I am committed to providing peace of mind for parents in knowing that their child is being cared for to the very best of my ability and that each child is treated with kindness, understanding, patience and positive reinforcement while they are in my care.

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Professional care

I have 17 years of experience caring for children, a college degree with major in Elementary Education, and have experience teaching preschool professionally. I maintain a current CPR and First Aid certificate.

We are located in sunny Salem NH, with easy access to I-93 Exits 1 & 2 in NH and Exit 47/48 in MA.

Please send me a message below or call , I look forward to hearing from you.



Daycare Salem NH


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